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From corporate to casual, headwear to outerwear, custom embroidery adds an elevated touch to your garments. Rather than printing your design or logo, we’ll stitch it into your apparel for a high-end finish. Embroidery works with many different apparel options, from backpacks to jackets, caps to polos. Make a statement with our exquisite embroidery service that brings your concept to life, one stitch at a time. 

What Is Custom Embroidery?

Custom embroidery is a craft that involves stitching designs, patterns, or logos onto fabric using a needle and thread. Unlike screen printing, which applies ink to the surface of the material, embroidery creates designs by sewing thread directly into the fabric. The process typically begins with a digital or hand-drawn design that is then converted into a format readable by an embroidery machine. Custom embroidery offers a high level of detail and texture, making it ideal for adding a personalized touch to clothing, hats, bags, and other garments. Often used for branding purposes, team uniforms, or as a decorative element on clothing and accessories, custom embroidery will give your brand an elevated touch.

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